Positive Feedback Instructions.jpg

"Positive Feedback" 
is an experimental/ experiential composition, that relies on a simple interaction between audience and performer; positive reinforcement in the form of applause and vocal affirmations. 

The piece has two main components: 
the first will ask for willing participants to climb on stage, one by one, and to look up at the audience. 
The second component is the audience, who will be prompted to voraciously clap and voice positivity towards the single individual on stage- sparking a moment of powerful group driven encouragement and general positivity.

As the willing participant is on stage and looks up, they are greeted by the audience's bombastic applause, hooting and hollering. Once the performer feels that they have received enough love and praise, they will leave the stage- and the sound of the audience's applause will cease- ready to be prompted once again by a new willing participant stepping on stage and beginning the cycle anew. 

My hope for this sonic/social experiment is to fill the Clinton Street Theater with as many people as possible and with as much positivity as possible. 

All are welcome!

Though the event is free, please consider donating a humble amount to the Clinton Street Theater.