TAPIR is happy to present

Ben Glas, Playing It By Ear

OPENING: 1.11.2019 7-10pm
OPEN HOURS: by appointment
SHOW: 1.11.2019- 1.12.2019

"Playing It By Ear” is a performative installation that invites and encourages audience participation in the act of composing their own perception. Consisting of a series of mundane and readily navigable readymade sculptures, "Playing It By Ear" explores the possibilities of subjective perception through the practical lens of aleatoric happenings and chance. Listeners-gone-performers alter the unfolding of the pieces through not only their physical presence and movement, but also mental connections which will vary from individual listener to individual listener.

To play it by ear is to spontaneously improvise, to remain open and to take moments as they come, without determining a specific and perhaps limiting outcome. Perhaps the point of the installation is to set up a series of cyclical process which will unfold in or out of sync and that will inevitably decentralise solipsistic listening perspectives. In playing it by ear, we can make a conscious decision to compose our awareness and thus the ultimate and yet fluctuating meaning of this work.