Album: Phillip E. Stein's "Untitled (Dilettante Gestalt Piano Decompositions)" (amp144)

by Phillip Eggleston Stein

Phillip Eggleston Stein (b. 1992) is, in the truest sense, a dilettante of music and its creation. Stein's approach is based purely on illusion, repetition and sonically hacking the brain; pushing it to a the state of a humorous and hypnagogic state. Stein's work is more focused on the journey of the listener, within the their own untrustworthy senses, rather than the nuances of a perfect music. "Untitled (Dilettante Gestalt Piano Decompositions)" are the amateur ramblings of Stein’s untrained piano keying fingers, run amok. Loops, builds and psychles are abound in this work. Sit back and disassociate to the sweet and sour sound of imperfection.

AMP.RECS can be reached, scoured and heard here.