Pulling from different inspirations and areas of expertise, the work of De Peuter and Glas have one common denominator: perception. De Peuter's design based work inquires about the relationship between self and worn material, where Glas' artistic practice focuses heavily upon the relationship between subjective experience and objective phenomena in spacetime. Standing upon each other's practical knowledge, the duo's last project, Dronal Mode, is sensical proof of the hidden potentials that lay at the intersection of design, art and phenomenology.

 For this project, Glas began by composing and constructing a sonic drone made of simple harmonic waves, that can be physically altered by navigating through space. De Peuter designed, crafted and fabricated, using both reflective and absorbent materials, two wearable sound suits that organically interact with the sonic space. Movement through the tonal space results in the blocking, negating and, arguably, the composition of a unique drone inherent to the space in which it is physically and realistically experienced.