CICA Museum _ L Gallery, M Gallery
March 29 – April 14, 2019
2019.3.29 – 4.14

Featured Artists 참여작가:

Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi, Kimberly Callas, Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine, Enzo Cillo, Chih Yang Chen, Frankie Chow, Ben Glas, Reza Kianpour, Anja Malec, Ana Isabel Marten, Kevin Mercer, Naomi Moser, David Mrugala, Su Hyun Nam, Molly O’Donnell, Mikey Peterson, R. Prost, Jonathan Michael Ray, Ahree Song, Michael Tarbi, Rebecca Vickers, Anastasios Veloudis, 김미라, 김령문, 송유경, Jei Ryung Lee 이제령, 현홍

Official Catalog of all participating artists can be found here.

Ben Glas “Music For x Spatial Interactions (Relativistic Music)” (2018)

Music For x Spatial Interactions (Relativistic Music) is the 7th track on the recently released album entitled “Music For Listeners” (Linear Obsessional Recordings, UK, 2018). Music For x Spatial Interactions (Relativistic Music) is a naturally interactive and relativistic sound composition, whose musical outcomes are physically explored by each individual audience member and their subsequent movement through the space of its presentation. This space is a field of tonal possibility; the act of experiencing the sensorial sound is the act of composing an ever fluctuating variation, never to be repeated again. While individuals have agency over their own experience, so does otherness as other participants may move through the space, composing their own perception, within the shared space.

(Official Linear Obsessional release can be found here.)