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Liner notes:

This record is a collection of psychoacoustic and experiential aural pieces composed without a teleological result in mind. Together these pieces comprise an archive of my personal experimentations within the frameworks minimalism, relativism and Gestalt theory principles. What I sought to compose was not necessarily limited to a sonic experience; with these works I was seeking to explore expanded forms of hearing, listening and experiencing. 


"Music For Listeners" is exactly that- musical experiences for keen, subtle and curious listeners. 


"Music For Listeners (Soft Noise Wall)"

Designed as a tongue-in-cheek approach to noise music, this introductory composition is the result of an aleatoric experimentation with a full spectrum tonal drone. A subtle Platonic theme emerges as the multitude of various tones compete, boost and negate one another throughout the piece. If one can listen "through the noise", one can experience the hidden theme subdued within. 


"Clock, 1" and "Clock, 2"

Was written with the ergonomic function of a clock, as it is exactly 1:00 long. The physical version of this piece will differ from the digital version. As an experiment I would leave the digital version on loop and allow it play in the background. The swelling of each track and its tonal klang would inform me of the passed minute. 


"Movements For Subjective Memory (Part 1 and 2)"

This piece was an experiment in hapticity and acts as a segway for listeners to move freely through the space, relativistically composing space and subjective memory. This piece is best left on in the background and moved through mundanely. 


"Music For 'X' Interactions (Relational Music)"

The final piece on this album is an open invitation to move through the space. As the piece is composed and comprised of standing waves, movement through the space of its presentation heeds a unique subjective experience for the listener. The act of moving through the ambient space in which this piece is presented, is also the act of composing, not only space, but also the individual's perception. 


Thank You For Your (Sensical) Understanding. 

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